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Today's criminals are masters at hiding their true identity by using aliases, changing their address often, as well as falsifying critical documentation.

L.C. Limited uses the most sophisticated technology available to check and cross reference individuals and verify any possible criminal records the individual in question may have.
In this day and age every company needs to know who they’ re hiring, and L.C. Limited does an excellent job of getting that information back to our clients in a timely and professional manner. Working with L.C. Limited is simple and easy. Just pick up the phone, fax or email your request there is always somebody there to assist you with your inquiry
With access to court documentation in all 92 Indiana counties as well as several Counties in Kentucky, L.C. Limited offers comprehensive verification of criminal activity on any individual residing in the state.
DISCLAIMER: L C Limited, Inc. shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, and in any event L C Limited, Inc’s liability with respect to the search results report and any related transaction shall be limited to the amount of the service fee charged by L C Limited, Inc. for the preparation of and delivery of this report. We guarantee our information to be as accurate as reasonable care can make it. However, the ultimate responsibility for maintaining files rests with the filing officer or clerk, and we accept no liability beyond the exercise of reasonable care. Because the subject of these searches is an individual, L C Limited, Inc. warrants that, with respect to any search and the results reported, it has complied with and will comply with all federal and state laws with respect to the privacy or other legal rights of the individual.
In addition, certain situations may require a search for Civil actions that have been filed against an individual. L.C.Limited has access to those records as well allowing for a bigger picture regarding possible employees.
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